3 bed flat rewiring

This job was done by Ross H.
Address : 106 Cholmley Gardens, NW6

What Ross says about L/E 24/7 LTD:

“Great service and very fast results from London Electricians 24/7. We needed a complete rewire on our flat just before wooden flooring was going to be put down. He found a solution to work around new kitchen and delivered on time. Impressed, would recommend”

Kitchen Rewiring

This job was done for Rebecca N.
Address: 26 Laycock Street, N11

What Rebecca says about L/E 24/7 LTD :

“I found the electrician from London Electricians 24/7 to be really polite and punctual. He explained what needed to be done clearly (which I needed!) and has made the process of having my kitchen redone much easier. I would definitely recommend London Electricians 24/7. Thank you!”