Partial wiring and wood floor repair , and full bathroom and living room wiring , carpet replacement by SERGHEY SERVICE , 1 year ago . Great job completed and nice experience at work completed with DANIEL.
Water heater cylinder maintenance
Water heater cylinder element replacement
Domestic storage heaters maintenance
Domestic storage heaters maintenance
Garage second fix electrical installation completed
Garage second fix electrical installation completed
Garage first fix electrical wiring installations
Garage first fix electrical wiring installations
Garage first fix electrical wiring installations
PulsaCoil Replacement EXPERIENCE 15 YEARS
PulsaCoil Replacement A CLASS
25 years experience, heating, gas , Comercial Engeneer, domestic plumber , call now .
SiLVIU (gas, heating, plumber Engeneer 25 years experience) .Work completed on 01/06/2020 ,Price acceptable , warranty 10 years from completion, service are included.
We offer 10 years warranty for our appliances and all the service are included for 10 years, from completion of work.
12 litres water heaters expansion vessel, good electric boiler replacement.
Joule water heater cylinder installation 200 litres , warranty 10 years from completion.
Sensor lights installations for domestic property, Location NW LONDON.
Floor boards repair and electrical wiring installations completed.✔️
Wiring for domestic property, cables passing wood frames .
Partial wiring installations completed
Storage heaters removal
120 litres water heaters replacement, and electrical installations completed.
Elson Water heater replacement 120 litres. Plumber Natanael , Electrical Engeneer Andrei .
22 mm cooper pipes replacement for water heater cylinder installation 200 litres .
200 litres water heaters installations Plumber name Natanael 🙏thank you for your time and help , kind regards Andrew from London electricians 24/7 .
200 litres water heaters installations, plumbing installations, new cooper pipe replacement, warranty 10 years for installation and appliances.
Great 👍 investment for landlords, water heater cylinder installation 200 litres , clean work and clean electrical installations.Work completed in Hammersmith.
200 litres water heater cylinder installation , We offer 10 years warranty from our company and 20 years warranty from joule supply.
✔️Storage heaters repair
Wall mounted new convector heaters
Removal storage heaters
Storage heaters installations
New electrical wiring installations completed for storage heaters


Domestic electrical convector heater, panel wall mounted heater
Soket replacement
Double appliances kitchen wiring and electrical installations completed
Storage heaters maintenance, Location Ilford
New electrical wiring installations completed and happy costumers
Testing commercial wiring
New kitchen appliances dishwasher and electrical hot water taps
Completed electrical wiring for COMMERCIAL Property
Armat cables connected with henly block connector
Electrical wiring inside wall partitions
New electrical wiring installations completed, first fixture installation for new appliances
New electrical wiring installations completed for consumer unit
Incoming power supply for flats
Armat cable’s for domestic flats
New electrical installations
Completed electrical installations completed.
Friendly service, nice 👍 attitude at work, great service, and low bill to pay at the end. Call now your local storage heaters repair engineer for best electrical repair.
We repair any electrical wiring and installation for electrical storage night heaters
Storage heaters repair and installation
Yes we are niceic 👍

Testing and electrical repair, Location North London
Domestic electrical installations and testing, Locations North London.
Finding electrical wiring fault , testing and electrical repair , warranty 1 year after completion for parts and work. Location North London.
Mains water heater cylinder electrical installation and new cooper pipes.
Great experience at work, new electrical installations, new appliances and great service 👍
Kitchen appliances installations completed in Wembley North London Fantastic values.
Great plumbing installation by Silviu The best in London, water 💦 heater electrical boiler ready to be used , Location Wembley.
Domestic water heater installations, great 👍 service by SILVIU our Heat and Gas engineer.
Domestic 12 way electrical consumer unit , new electrical installations completed in Wembley last mounts .
No bad consumer unit ✅ work completed 1 year ago , thanks 🙏 to Ciprian .⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Great 👍 Work , expensive parts but the best consumer unit. Work completed 2 mounts ago.
Faulty kitchen drain system, water leaks near dishwasher machine, and also lose bonding 4mm from water cooper pipes under kitchen sink . Job completed partial today , location Chizik.
Testing double Sokets in the kitchen next to living room , and find out new electrical wiring cables 2.5 mm connected with old 2.5mm Supplay cables from living room , and also bad connection under kitchen units.
Faulty electrical installations and partial repairs today at 12 a Clok,  locations 2 white swan mews, Bennett street, Chiswick W4 2AU , also water damage from wasing machine near kitchen .
Seven sisters area work completed , replace bottom water heater element for Niky our friend ., Happy to help .
Testing unvented water heater cylinder installation , and replace 2.5 mm cables damage by tenants .
Replace 2 switches for bathroom electrical radiators and extractor fan bathroom , and testing water heater installations .
Faulty appliances tripping the rcd inside consumer unit Westminister call out last months , tenants BOB & ALINA
15 years experience on call out
Fincley call out last week 2 hours working for Gerald from Bexley. Replacement of disposal waste pipes , leak near dishwasher Socket .
Emergency call out near Hackney , fixing five storage heaters units for Christian and Julye.
Stratfort storage heaters repair and removal, price starts from £65 per unit .
Service for night storage heaters and testing heaters elements serving London for 15 years, warranty one year for this job .Location Lambeth London.
Electrical wiring for new appliances installations 10 years warranty only from London electricians 24/7 limited.
Old storage heater ? Yes can be Fixit ! Call now London electricians 24/7 for quick repair and one year warranty.
Repair old storage heater and replace one Swich 20amps double pole for night storage heaters. Work completed near Stains out site London.
Remove and install new electrical convector heater for tenants In Watford main contractor Samuel from BGRS GROUP real estate agents , always happy to help.
Best gas and heat engineer I have ever seen in London 25 years experience great service from SILVIU .
Replacing single Sokets for wasing machine in East London Saturday night for tenants.
Westmister fault finding near kitchen hob , job completed in les then one hour , Landlord Gema & Taylor , thanks again for calling London electricians 24/7 limited.
New water heater installations new appliances for tenants and great parts for landlords, fantastic investment and strong appliances for tenants.
New water heater installations completed in Richmond London 10 years warranty and easy to be Maintained , Great water heater cylinder for low price in London.
Storage heaters repair and Mantainance job completed in London (Clapaham) 1 year warranty after completion, great experience at work and new repair for storage heater now .
Unvented water heater installations cylinder , location Padington London 1 year ago . Rezidential, great morning and fantastic work completed for LANDLORD NINA from USA 🇺🇸.
Water Heater
Cooper elements for water heater and cooper water heaters tanks . At London electricians 25/7 prices stars from £75 p/h . Call now and book your full address.
Partial kitchen wiring installations completed for appliances fridge , hood , Owen , gas boiler . Fantastic service and great experience at work, competitive price 10 years warranty.
London Electricians portfolio
Enjoy the brand new wolksvagen Amarok 2015 , expensive truck for 2015 .
8 years ago 👍 working for landlords and tenants around London and central London, testing old wiring and fault finding on old wiring installations.
Great experience at work , nice 👍 call out happy days for London electricians 24/7
Storage Heater
Fantastic service and value. Brand new electrical storage heater with convector heater installations. Work completed by London electricians 24/7 13 years ago . South London. Landlord RIKY.
Storage Heater Repair London
New storage heaters installations , under warranty , 7 years old now , great experience and good looking parts for clients. Work completed in West London .
Fantastic electrical wiring installations completed , warranty 10 years ☝️, work completed by Andrew from London electricians 24/7 .
Great job and nice testing experience, Engineer Andrew from London Electricians 24/7 limited.
Great call out completed 12 years ago. , Best to see on line this job after so long time .
Storage heaters installations , and electrical Mantainance , New elements for this one , great experience at work.
Storage Heater Repair
Storage heaters installations , storage heaters Mantainance, element replacement and happy landlord , 2 years ago .
Immersion Heater Replacement
Immertion heater full wiring , new cooper pipe, happy landlord and happy tenants, 9 years ago .
New Timmer for cooper water heaters , 2 years warranty ,  happy clients and happy days for London electricians 24/7 , 6 years ago.
New water heater installations, expansion vessel new under warranty for 5 years great price great service and clean job , 3 years ago.
New Swich for off peak supply , economy 7 time , happy tenants and happy landlord, also great installations , competitive price and great investments for landlords , job completed 3 months ago .
New 2.5mm flex cable water heaters , new water heater installations, new electrical installations for economy 7 , brand new cooper pipes , our gas and heat engineer SILVIU ( 25 years EXPERIENCE )
New water heater element , new 20amps Swich for water heater cylinder, 6 mounts warranty and happy tenant . Work completed 7 months ago .
New water heater installations , 10 years warranty, electrical engineer ( Andrew 15 years experience inside London ) Gas and heat Engeneer ( SILVIU 25 years experience) , 4 years ago .
New water heater installations by ( SILVIU 25 years experience ) great job great engineer nice 👍 attitude at work and knowledge about parts . Work completed 8 mounts ago . Thank you SILVIU regarding London electricians 24/7 .
New water heater installations completed by (SILVIU) and electrical wiring installations completed by (Andrew) 10 years warranty and nice job completed & happy landlords.
New water heater installations , new electrical parts for water heater cylinder and new electrical Timmer  for water heater cylinder. Work completed 7 years ago, 10 years warranty , happy days for tenants.
New water heater installations , new electrical installations for unvented cylinder,  full replacement unvented water heater cylinder full cooper pipes replacement .
Partial wiring and new consumer unit fixed, metal unit, kitchen appliances installations  ,electrical wiring replacement , new domestic electrical certification completed.
New bonding for gas , mains , water , new 25mm meter tails for consumer unit , electrical engineer Andrew from London electricians 24/7 .
Job completed, warranty 3 years , happy costumers, and many recommendations receive
New consumer unit , new wiring installations for 2 flats in the same house for 2 families , work completed 9 mounts ago , located in North London. Happy landlord, great experience at work., thank you ( mukesh the landlord ) , 10 years warranty . Landlord MUKESH replay ( I will strongly recommend London electricians 24/7 to every landlord which need great electricians 👍)
North London property kitchen appliances installations completed electrical installations completed by London electricians 24/7 ,landlord MUCHESH .
New water heater installations completed by SILVIU our heating engineer serving our company for 15 years, part time only , Great 👍 Engeneer.
Great parts , new electrical wiring installations, under warranty 10 years , display price on our company ( London electricians 24/7 ) fair price.
New 18 edition metal consumer unit updated, great costumer and happy landlord. The work was completed in central London, 6 weeks ago .
Testing old wiring for kitchen and living room, faulty Sokets and faulty wiring installations completed.
Testing 2 outlets for water heater , replacement 2.5mm flex electrical wiring for water heater cylinder and revive more costumers. Work completed in Clapam junction.
Replace 2 metal outlets for ( hetareasadia ) instant water heaters , directly to water mains. Happy landlord.
Remove and install 2 separate electrical elements for water heater under pressure , great job completed , warranty 2 years, work completed in Central London.
Testing 2 hours inside and out site 2 direct water heaters directly to water mains .
Storage heaters switches replace and electrical installations Mantainance service starts from £75 per storage unit.
Bedroom faulty Sokets replacement and electrical wiring testing completed ( landlord James from Sunderland. Thank you for calling London electricians 24/7 .
LANDLORD CHRISTOFER , TENAND ANA AND IASMINA . Thank you for calling London electricians 24/7 limited. Warranty 3 years from completion.
New consumer unit updated, new rcbo Fuzes used for this job , clear work and great experience at work.
3 years warranty, fantastic time on site , great experience , nice tenants and landlords .
Good looking metal consumer unit, rcbo Fuzes 3 years warranty.
Inside consumer unit.
New 20 way consumer unit , expensive parts (rcbo) great call out , price starts from £75 per hour west London.
At work, remove and install 8 way metal consumer unit , low price for parts great 👍 price for Landlords.